Re-United in Nicaragua

The best week of my life came amidst the worst year of my life. I was the only student at a boarding school in Costa Rica besides the principal’s six kids, with whom I lived in an isolated, commune like environment as the principal spiraled into insanity, but this man’s psychosis is a story in […]

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When Wanderlust got Wanderlost

My bottom hovered gingerly over an abysmal shit hole as heavy tears poured down my splotchy red face. I’d been squatting in a public toilet house outside of a dusty train station in Delhi for the last half hour. Something I’d eaten was scratching and clawing at the walls of my stomach to get out. […]

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An Honest Study of Study Abroad
Alicante, Spain

When most of my high school colleagues were finishing their junior year of college, multitudes of Facebook statuses popped up, raving about their respective “life- changing” and “highly recommended” study abroad experiences. I wouldn’t disagree. I grew and matured during my own time studying abroad in Spain. However, I was a naïve 15 year old […]

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Folly Beach- The Murder of Timeless Charm

Growing up, children must answer to the simple and indifferent questions that adults force upon them. These questions are rites of growing up. Teachers, family, and family friends will use these questions as an invaluable tool in determining the child’s intelligence and future worth. If the child speaks enthusiastically or insightfully about the respective topic […]

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