When Wanderlust got Wanderlost

My bottom hovered gingerly over an abysmal shit hole as heavy tears poured down my splotchy red face. I’d been squatting in a public toilet house outside of a dusty train station in Delhi for the last half hour. Something I’d eaten was scratching and clawing at the walls of my stomach to get out. […]

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Before I Run Away Again…
desert, road, runaway, sky, mountains, dusty

You can feel the edge of a cliff before you see it. You sense the wild uncertainty of the open winds and the formidable grip that gravity has on wingless creatures that fall off of steep things. So before reaching the edge, you appreciate the sturdy, predictable ground beneath your feet. You relish in the […]

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Travel Keeps the Monsters Away!

The first time that I met my travel partner in crime/ boyfriend Ben was when our paths crossed at a small school in a small town in the foothills of the Himalayas. Two years later, we live nearby each other in our non- native Los Angeles, where the monotony of obligatory stuff like school and work was […]

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