Folly Beach- The Murder of Timeless Charm

Growing up, children must answer to the simple and indifferent questions that adults force upon them. These questions are rites of growing up. Teachers, family, and family friends will use these questions as an invaluable tool in determining the child’s intelligence and future worth. If the child speaks enthusiastically or insightfully about the respective topic […]

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Every City Has A Soul- Even Washington D.C.
Washington DC

The smorgasbord of free museums and government building tours make DC the picture perfect city for budget vacation advertisements. In the summer, pink-faced tourists in baseball caps flock downtown to visit the air conditioned buildings and pay their respects to dead political figures and war victims. Spring has a short peak season during the cherry […]

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Ode to Los Angeles Traffic

The greatest paradox of our ages Is the time you spend in your wheeled cages. You claim you’re so busy, so many places to go But as the sun sets the road shines with an ominous glow Of headlights backed up for miles, and you can’t see the end Nor do you seem to notice […]

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